Long life to your hair – with SHE Professionals. With SHE you get a complete line of extensions and accessories for a beautiful hair – both in volume, length and colour.

SHE is a global leader in the hair business, and use the most advanced techniques available on the market today. A complete line of extension systems, suitable for every need and made exclusively with 100% natural hair strands.

SHE Hair Scandinavia is powered by Aderans Scandinavia, that provides SHE´s extensions, Fashion Tape and hair products – for the market in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.

Enjoy hair extensions – for all!

Fashion Tape

Fashion Tape-in is a simple and immediate application system offering the best performance fast – with volume and colours. For all.

Keratin System

 With keratin, extensions bond perfectly with the molecular structure of one’s own hair for a flawless end-result.

Clip-in extensions

Fast technique and simple and quick use. For stunning hair whenever you choose.